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Diagnostics and fault finding is our strength, with the latest diagnostic equipment to hand you can be sure we will diagnose any faults on your car accurately and in a timely manner.


Our diagnostic checks start at £40.00 + vat.

With the Vauxhall brand being our personal favorite, we can guarantee that no-one will even come close with our knowledge on the brand, including the main dealers!

As well as Vauxhall, we also have an array of state of the art diagnostic equipment to suit most makes & models. 

Electric & Hybrid vehicles are the future! The government has recently announced to ban the sale of new petrol & diesel vehicles by 2035. We strive to keep ahead of the game with regular training courses and keeping our equipment up to date. We are fully qualified in electric & hybrid vehicles, also known as EV, Full Hybrid, PHEV & BEV. This training legally qualifies us to work on all types of vehicle, from an early Toyota Prius to the latest Jaguar I-Pace.  Contact us for more details. 

Contact  the specialists for a comprehensive transparent quote.

Diagnostics & 

Auto Electrical



Contact  the specialists for a comprehensive transparent quote.

01254 200111

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